FC Basel 1893 have chosen a new management committee

FC Basel 1893
Donnerstag, 08.06.2017 // 08:56 Uhr

FC Basel 1893’s new governing body has been nominated. The administrative board will consist of Bernhard Burgener (President) Marco Streller, Alexander Frei, Massimo Ceccaroni and Patrick Jost as new Head Sales & Marketing. Mr. Jean-Paul Brigger who was responsible for technical development at FIFA, is 59 years old, an ex-Swiss international team player and will be included within the board of directors. Karl Odermatt und Peter von Büren will have senior functions within the FC Basel Holding AG.

(Translated by Thomas Snaith)


President Bernhard Burgener has finalized FC Basel 1893’s operational leadership team and has named Jean-Paul Brigger and von Patrick Jost (45), the ex-Marketing and Event executive of Champions Hockey League as the final team members. Jean-Paul Brigger will start his new role on the 1st of August 2017, whereas Patrick Jost will start on the 1st of July. As previously communicated, the new administrative board will also consist of Marco Streller, Alex Frei and Massimo Ceccaroni. The latter will represent the represent the sports administration side of FC Basel 1893.


Most likely the new board will be in place by the 12th of June 2017. On the 9th of June the FC Basel 1893 club members will give statements at the official members meeting. At the official members meeting the board of committee members will also be exchanged with new members. Bernhard Heusler, Adrian Knup, Georg Heitz, Stephan Werthmüller and René Kamm have suggested they be replaced by Bernhard Burgener (Präsident and Delegierter des Vorstandes), Peter von Büren und Marco Streller. These are suggestions which still need to be voted for or against. The official members meeting will take place on the 9th of June 2017 at St. Jakob-Park.


Jean-Paul Brigger with the function of chief executive officer oft he board will be responsible fort he implementation oft he strategy for 2017-2020 und will therefore be respobsible for the sports and economic success oft he club. Brigger will manage and develop relationships internally and externally, with employees and members of the club. He will also build relationships with football clubs, organbisations, media, local and national polititioans as well as with individuials responsible for local cultural issues.


Jean-Paul Brigger is fully equipped and prepared for his future role. He has been responsible for the department of technical development at FIFA since 2015. In this function he was partially responsible for the preparation and implementation of World Cup competitions and was a members of FIFA’s International Football Board; responsible for the global controlling and development of the rules and regulations of football. Between 1977 and 1982 and between 1985 and 1993 Jean-Paul Brigger played professional football for FC Sion as well as for FC Servette. Between 1979 and 1988 he collected 35 caps for the Swiss national team. He won two league titles with FC Servette and FC Sion, as well as 5 cup trophies: four with FC Sion and one with FC Servette, In 1893 Jean-Paul Brigger was top scorer of the Swiss league and was voted player of the year in 1992, as he played for FC Sion. Between 1994 and 1997 Brigger was the head coach of FC Luzern.


Patrick Jost has 20 year of professional experience within the field of Sports marketing; he contributed to big name projects such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA EURO, America’s Cup and recently the Champions Hockey League. Patrick Jost will hold the position of Head of Sales and Marketing.


Karl Odermatt is a FC Basel football legend and will be represented on the board of FC Basel Holding AG. He had a legendary career: Between 1962 and 1975 he played as midfielder for FC Basel, playing 296 games for the club, winning five league titles, two cup trophies and scoring 95 goals. Between 1975 and 1979 he played for BSC Young Boys Bern and between 1965 and 1975 he collected 50 caps for the Swiss national team (and scored 10 goals for his country). Since the mid-nineties until today Karl has been active within the Sales and Marketing department of the club..


Peter von Büren has worked for the local company Highlight Communications AG since 1994. In 1999 he was promoted to a senior management role where he was responsible for Finance, IT, HR and Investor Relations. Since 2015 he has been on the board of directors at Highlight Communications AG and various sub companies of the organization.


The new structure and organization of the club, with strong operational and strategic management can be aligned with the strength of the team found on the pitch. This management board strives to implement the goal of connecting with the local region. Main focus lies in continuing the  administrative and economic success of the club, integration of youth team players, acknowledgement and implementation of fan interests as well as the collaboration with national and international clubs.


„I am looking forward to the challenges and goals to be achieved with the new board members and management team. All members represent qualities which are required to develop a successful football club in this day and age. We were able to gain individuals who played professional top level football recently or in the past, as well an expert within the field of sales and marketing, who is willing to take on big responsibility. I am confident that this new management team will be able to provide our players with the environment needed in order to continue FC Basel 1983’s success story.” Stated Bernhard Burgener.

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