FC Basel 1893
Mittwoch, 27.05.2015 // 15:20 Uhr

On Friday the 29. May 2015, Marco Streller will play his last game for FC Basel 1893 in the Swiss Super League. His tremendous professional career is coming to an end. Read some of Streller’s final statements at

(Translated by Thomas Snaith)


During the pre-match press conference for the match against St. Gallen, Marco Streller talked about….


…his thoughts before his last league match: “It’s a strange feeling, that’s what I can tell you. As I found out that I won’t be playing in the fixture against Thun, reality struck. Now I only have one match left, then it’s all over. The end is near. It is a little sad but this doesn’t change anything in regards to my decision. I am still 100% convinced that I am doing the right thing.”


…his emotions on the night of the last league match: I can imagine that I won’t be able to control my emotions. Most of my family, friends and relatives will be seated close to the pitch. My children will be present, therefore it’s going to be really emotional. I will just let it all happen and see what awaits me. However If I can’t control my feelings, I will just let go and not try to supress anything.”


…the new “League Champions Track” by TripleNine, which was written in his honour: “I listened to the song and had goose bumps and tears in my eyes. The track really touched me, especially to receive so much acknowledgement and recognition in this way. A big thank you to the producers!”


"I listened to the song and had goose bumps and tears in my eyes. The track really touched me"

MArco Strellers reaction to “League Champions Track”




..the game against St. Gallen: “ I am looking forward to this last game. This fixture means a lot to FC St. Gallen and they won’t make it easy for us. It would make me happy if my buddy Marcel Herzog would be goalkeeper on the night- and I could score against him."


…potentially his 200th goal: : “As discussed I am not that bothered about the statistics- 199 is also a nice number. Of course it would be great if I would manage to score my 200th goal of my career in one of my last 2 games. For example the deciding goal during the cup final, would be sweet… or maybe a penalty- I am not that bad at taking penalties these days... I have been practicing.”(with a chuckle)

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