Paulo Sousa: “Overall I am very happy with our achievements“

FC Basel 1893
Dienstag, 20.01.2015 // 11:28 Uhr

On Wednesday, January 21st 2015, FC Basel 1893 headed home from their training camp in Marbella. On the penultimate day of the training camp in southern Spain, it was time for a review of the past 10 days of training. Paulo Sousa was very happy with his team’s development, which he shares in the following interview.

(Translated by Thomas Snaith)


Paulo Sousa, how satisfied are you with the training camp so far?


Paulo Sousa: I am very satisfied and have nothing to criticize. Gustav Nussbaumer, our team coach organized everything to the smallest detail. Everything we needed was made possible and the players ‘ feedback was very positive. Several players who have been here before  claim that this training camp in Marbella was the best so far. The hotel, football pitches and environment in general were fantastic. Most importantly I was very happy how much enthusiasm and passion the players invested in their work, every single day. Overall I am very happy with our achievements.


After the friendly against Düsseldorf you mentioned that that you very satisfied with the pro-active approach of your team. Can you explain what you mean?


It’s about how the player’s perception of the game has evolved, how the players read the game and how the right decisions are made at the right time. It’s also about anticipation and interaction between the individual players. We continuously try to design our training sessions in order to improve on all of these things. At the end of the day it’s important to keep in mind that there is a difference between a training session and a friendly game and between a friendly game and a competitive match. It’s our aim to perform as if we are playing a competitive match in all we do.


During your time in the training camp, where has the team developed the most?


We have made great steps forward in regards to our tactics, on an individual and a collective level. We have also increased the intensity in all of what we do, on and off the pitch. This doesn’t mean that our intensity wasn’t on a high level before the training camp, but the general attitude of team has very much developed positively. These developments made me very happy.


You play 3 friendly games against German teams before the super league gets back in full swing. Is there a special reason for this?


The reason is simply the availability of these teams. The quality of the teams also plays an important factor; we wanted to play the best possible teams. Our team as well as all other teams have a tight schedule and limited time; therefore it’s important to play strong opponents in order to develop ourselves. We wanted to face teams that could cause us the most difficulties. These fixtures help us prepare for competitive games.


It’s our aim to perform as if we are playing a competitive match in all we do

Paulo Sousa


What were your goals for your last friendly fixture in Spain, against Dynamo Kiev?


The goals are always the same: We want to see what the players can achieve with their legs and brains. We want to simulate the intensity of a competitive match, as realistically as possible. We want to be ready for when it really matters and achieve the results we work hard for.

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